Makers Against Corona is a community effort for producing equipment such as face covers and delivering them to those who need it most.
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Suppliers of nuts and bolts, PETG sheets and other materials can contact us directly at


We are looking for makers who are willing to help with their laser cutters. We will deliver the materials and CAD files to get you started ASAP.

Healthcare Providers

Hospitals and healthcare providers are our priority. Please register so we can get the face covers to you as soon as possible.


Want to support this project? Thanks to your donation, we can buy materials and provide as many health providers with face covers as possible.

DIY Face Cover

In addition to wearing a face mask, you can now wear our face cover on top. They provide extra safety and protection, you don’t touch your face unconsciously. Even though these covers provide extra protection, you should still follow the general sanitary guidelines:

  • If you have flu-like symptoms, stay at home.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
  • Sneeze and blow your nose in paper tissues. Use each tissue only once and throw it immediately away in a closed bin. You don’t have a tissue? Sneeze or cough into your elbow.
  • Keep your distance from others

Furthermore it is important to disinfect the face cover regularly with isopropyl alcohol. 

Support health care

Our healthcare providers need us! To win the battle against the Coronavirus, we all make face covers together!

Maker community

Our design is available for everybody and we encourage makers from the BeNeLux to join in.


Together we can fix this! Let's fight this battle against corona together!

Delivery information

Donation track (only BeNeLux): When the face shields are ready, the fablabs will contact you and you can pick them up at that fablab. Commercial track (Europe): the face shields will be delivered at you address.

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An organization that needs more than 5 face shields enters the commercial process (applicants who are companies automatically enter this process). In that case, their request will be forwarded to one of our partners, who will contact them and offer a quote. The commercial partner takes care of production, assembly and delivery to the address. Our Flemish commercial partners represent a production capacity of 5000 face shields per day, and deliver your order within 3 working days. They charge a maximum of 9 EURO per face shield (ex VAT, ex transport).

Place Order

Do you need our face masks, Earbuddies, screens, … or other accessories? Place your order here and we will deliver it as soon as possible.

Donate Now

The donations are currently used for purchasing materials, producing face covers and the funding of coordination, logistics and transport. If the total amount of the donations would exceed the effective costs, this money will be used to further support the non-profit organisation “MakersEUnion”. MakersEUnion serves the interests of makerspaces, fablabs and their volunteers. Makerspaces and fablabs thank their existence to a network of numerous volunteers putting digital fabrication at the disposal of every member of the community. That way they support lifelong learning, STEAM-education, social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Donation face shields (English)

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Donation Total: €20,00

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Our sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors/donors/contributors for making this possible!

Delivered Face Covers

Here you see an overview of all supplied face covers.

± 6766 Hospital

 ± 2083 Ambulance/ Fire Fighters

 ± 8284 Nursing Home

 ± 1753 Police

 ± 7228 City

 ± 3886 Company

About us

Makers Against Corona started as an initiative of a group of people joined by brothers Pieter De Mil and Stijn De Mil. In a very short time this grew into a collaboration between different partners in the world of makers. For example, we use the equipment and capacity of various maker spaces and fablabs in the Benelux. To facilitate the organization of this Makers Against Corona non-profit project, the MakersEUnion vzw (registration number 0745660774) was founded on March 23, 2020. MakersEUnion vzw represents the interests of makerspaces, fablabs and their many volunteers who enable the operation of these organizations. Makerspaces and fablabs have a mission to make digital fabrication available to the entire community, thus focusing on lifelong learning, STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics), social innovation and entrepreneurship.

The team: Dieter, Lorien, Lowiek, Pieter, Siebe, Steven, Stijn & Zimcke

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